Exchange server problem



Hi - I have office outlook 2003. I have recently changed email addresses and
I'm not using the old exchange server any more - it no longer exists. However
when I open outlook it is still looking for that server and of course i get
the message "The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable.
Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action."
I then click OK and I'm taken to a general search box for the mail account
where it asks me to check the name. Clicking either cancel or check name have
the same affect - I get the same message as above with the addition of
"Thename could not be resolved". My question is - is there a way I can
remove the old email account without going in through the front end of
outlook, as I cannot do that. Any help greatly appreciated as I would love to
get back on outlook with my new email account...

Thanks, Mike


Sorry, I left out the end bit - after I see the name cannot be resolved
message and I click cancel, I get this message:

"Unable to open your default e-mail folders. The file
C:\...Microsoft\Outlook\outlook.ost is not an offline folder file." Outlook
then closes itself. Presumably the problem has something to do with that
file, but that's only a guess....



I knew there was a way! Thanks Kathleen, brilliant - that worked.




I am having the same problem but I dont know how to do what Kathleen has
suggested? I went in mail in the control panel and I dont know which bit I go
in after that? I had a look in all of them and the only thing it said in any
of them was outlook so is that what I need to remove?

I have tried repair and now I cant even get into the outlook box?

Please help xx

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