Excel Excell .xls File Growing Fast

Apr 13, 2015
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I have an .xls files I open with Excel 2007 every day. It is approximately 200 rows x 60 columns.

Each day we create a copy of this file, and in the new copy, change the numeric value of 20 cells.

No new columns or rows are added, there are no graphics/charts/etc. There is only one sheet.

10 days ago, the file size was 1.7MB. The next day it grew to 3 MB. The following day 7.

Today the file is 20 MB and working with it is very slow. It takes approximately 10 minutes to open, 10 minutes to save, and clicking anywhere in the file has a 30 second delay.

Sharing is not enabled on this file. I'm not sure what the issue could be, any suggestions. I've tried an "Open & Repair" but no luck. It also doesn't link to an external file, and it doesn't have any VBA code.


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