Excell 2003 Linking Pages



I use Microsoft Excel 2003 to track daily sales for both the my store and
employees. I also track the sales on a monthly basis and prepare an end of
the year report. I use a separate workbook for each report.

I would like to know if it is possible to link the totals from each report
into one workbook or worksheet that will automatically update when I enter
the figures. This would save me a lot of time from having to prepare each
report individually.

Thank you,



Luke M

If starting typing "=" into a cell, you can then navigate to another
sheet/open workbook and click on the cell you want to link to. This is very
useful for building summary pages.




You can do this by making use of the INDIRECT function.

Say you have an Excel file called Book2 and in cell A1 of Sheet1 of this
file you want to 'read' what's in cell A1 of Sheet1 of another Excel file
called Book1, then in A1 of Book2 have this formula:


Note that Book1 has to be open at the same time in order for its cell
contents to be read via INDIRECT.

Hopefully, using this example you can craft the particular INDIRECT formulas
you need.



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