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It seems my good pals did not get me well. the student report is not
to be sent thru the E-mail.
What I want is something that will automatically generate a student
report for each student in the class
Eg for a class of 40 students, there will 8 sujects for each student
to take part. I have already prepared a spreadsheet for that- with
POSITION IN SUBJECT, GRADE, REMARKS (so I have 8 similar worksheets
like this for each subject). What I need is an automatic means for
filling in the students report(ie after filling the general score for
the class for each subject, the individual student report will
automatically be ready for printing). sorry for making my problem
cumbersome. THANKS.




As you want a printed copy so what you need to do is to fill the data and
print it.

I guess the easiest way with least programming is that you create a template
report and use each row of data (let say it is a sheet called 'data'), then
you insert a colume to identify each row, e.g. student ID.

Then you create another tab called 'report', then each field (which will be
change to each student), use Vlookup formula to lookup each item of score. So
when you change the student ID cell on the report tab, the data will be
changed accordingly.

once you have made that up then you can either manually type each student ID
and click print, which i think quite quick. Or you create a macro. But it
require some programming knowledge and skill. such macro do the same thing
that put each number in the student ID then print it.

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