Inserting row takes 1 - 3 minutes.



I'm working with an Excel 2003 workbook with six worksheets (that I've opened
in Excel 2007), one per year. There are only 14 columns with a very simple
SUM formula in column 14. This is a spreadsheet that keeps track of auction
sales by week with a grand total at the bottom of each yearly worksheet.
Pretty simple.
Since I've opened this workbook in Excel 2007, it is taking from 1 to 3
minutes to insert a blank row in the middle of other blank rows. This would
be instantaneous with the same workbook in Excel 2003. I'm not a programmer,
just a user and this is very aggravating.
Any ideas?
Thanks Caryl




Try setting the calc mode to manual. Press F9 to recalc ONLY when needed.
That should help speed things up, in any version. Any good? hit the YES below

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