Excel to Outlook Mail



Everytime I try to copy a table from Excel (2007) to an Outlook e-mail
everything looks fine on the screen but when it's sent the text of the
copied table is bold and of a different font that is barely readable. The
e-mails are html and in Excel I use the Paste/As Picture/Copy as Picture/As
shown when printed option. Have also tried the As shown on screen option as
picture and get the same results.

When I do the same in Word the paste seems to work fine. What's the best way
to insert an Excel table into an Outlook document?




Never heard of that, bizarre! Have you tried the same using another
emailer, like OE or the new Windows Mail system? If you get the
same results then you'll at least know it's something Excel is doing.
On the other hand, if it works fine with other mailers, the problem
is most likely with Outlook. That's about all I can think of right now,
it'll at least make troubleshooting a little easier!


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