Excel 2007 'Copy as Picture' doesn't paste at 100%


Nick G

I use Excel 2007 to produce graphs and tables for use in reports prepared in
PowerPoint 2007 (the tables contain a lot of numbers and calculations hence
why they're not done directly in PowerPoint).

I'm trying to use 'Copy as Picture' -> 'As shown when printed' to paste the
tables from Excel into PowerPoint so I don't get the grid lines or red
comment flags. However when I do the table doesn't paste in at the same size,
it is always a bit wider.

This happens regardless of whether I'm pasting into PowerPoint or Excel and
only happens when I'm trying to copy a range - charts and shapes work fine.
It also only happens when I select 'as shown when printed', 'as shown on
screen' also works fine.

Would appreciate any comments on what causes this and any ideas on how it
can be worked around?

Thanks in advance.


Apr 4, 2011
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I normally paste an excel chart in paint, save it in jpg and then insert the jpg in Powerpoint. This to avoid unwanted scaleformatting, which I also get if I paste direct into PowerPoint.

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