Copy As Picture


VBA dimwit

Does anyone know how to set the Copy as Picture default to "As Shown When
Printed". I know how to do it each time Home:paste:As Picture:Copy As
Picture:As Shown on Screen, but can that be set as a default? I often copy
tables out of Excel 2007 and paste into Word 2007, but when I do, the
gridlines and other formula warnings show up since the As Shown on Screen
setting appears to be the default. I didn't have this problem in
2003......Please Help




I have the same problem. Never had it before (even w/0ffice 2007), but over
the last few months its been

I like to copy my cells regularly (ctrl-c), then paste special (as picture)
into the word/ppt doc. The tables usually come out as printed, but now
they're coming out as a screenshot.

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