Excel 2 Word


Mitch Moody

Ed (and anyone else),

Tried to send below reply but got spam bounceback from your Yahoo account so
I'll try this even though I don't want a redundant post.



Thanks for the quick reply.

OK, I used Shift and copied as picture. An Excel box popped up and I had to
choose Appearance (As Shown on Screen; As Shown When Printed) and Format
(Picture and Bitmap).

I selected "As Shown On Screen" and "Picture" => got Excel warning that
"Picture too large and will be truncated" Result when passed into Word =>
Looked great wrt gray line but got left half table only.

Started over and choose Format in Excel as Bitmap instead of Picture => got
entire table but with the $^@*# gray line on left as before.

Any ideas?






Always reply to the newsgroups; use the emails only when invited. We get so
much spam from the spiders grabbing addresses that many emails here are
totally unwatched or just plain bogus. Besides, if you reply to me, you can
only get my knowledge, and I am by far and away _not_ the most talented
here! When you put everything out here, others can help you, and everyone
else can benefit.

Another trick I have used in Word is to create a Text Box and paste the
Picture in there. You can scale it way down within the text box. You might
also try initially turning your Word page to Landscape to give you a bigger
margin, and paste there, then scale down to fit. Otherwise you just might
have to adjust your table in Excel.

Speaking of running out of knowledge, that's all I've got. Perhaps a
greater than I will come along with a better solution.

Good luck.

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