Excel Excel: sum of 7 cells (weeks) in every row of a spreadsheet

Apr 10, 2015
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I have a spreadsheet that represents a whole year of shopping. TAB1: on column A there is the list of the product names (ie A2=milk, A3sugar, A4butter...) and then every column represent a day (B1=mon1jan, C1=tu2jan, D1=wed3jan...). In the cells I put the number of products (B2=2 ie 2bottles of milk bought Monday the 1st of Jan, D4=5 ie 5pieces of butter bought wed the 3rd of Jan...)

I'd like to get the weekly analysis on a separate tab (TAB2) same as the first but every column represents a week (B1=week1, C1=week2, D1=week3...)

How can I get in TAB2 the weekly sum for each product for each week of the year (52 weeks) from TAB1 without doing it all manually? (TAB2: B2=sum of (TAB1 B2toB8))

I have tried the OFFSET formula but it doesn't seem to work (or I do not know what to put in there!)

Many thanks



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