Excel spreadsheet opening in IE8 instead of Excel 2003



I have an excel spreadsheet on the network but opened through
Sharepoint Small Business Server 2003.

All the PCs on the network correctly open the XLS file in Excel 2003
except for this one particular PC that insists on opening it in IE8.

This has happened before but after a few days solved itself - so we
never got to the bottom of it. I have confirmed that XLS files are
associated with Excel but it is still happening

Anybody any thoughts.



Dave Peterson

I've never used any version of SharePoint, but this is what I'd try.

(I use WinXP, so it may be different for the user with the trouble.)

In winXP:
Open Windows explorer
Tools|Folder Options|File Types tab
Scroll down to XLS and select it
Click the Advanced button on the bottom
Then uncheck "Browse in same window"

(I like to check Confirm open after download, too, so that I get that optional
dialog to show up.)


Thanks Dave

I'll give it a try tomorrow in the office and let you know the outcome

Thanks again


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