Excel security



I have some Excel 2003 SP3 procedures opening .xls files, each of them
containing VBA macros. In order to provide the highest system protection,
each time Excel requires repeatedly user permission to open, which is
and in sometimes problematic.
I wonder if there is a way to bypass this process, by notifying excel that
those specific files are safe (by file names o author).
Otherwise I'm obliged to keep the protection level to "low", but in such a
case my sistem will be exposed to damage risk from other "unknown" macros.

thanks for reply

Jon Peltier

An Excel VBA procedure should be able to open a workbook that contains code,
without the macro warning. Having already approved opening of the workbook
with the VBA, or writing fresh VBA, provides implicit acceptance of the
macros in the unopened workbook.

The warning that's harder to avoid is a prompt to update any links in the
workbook being opened.

- Jon

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