OK.. this might be hard, but here it goes..

I have three sheets: 1. with pricing information, 2. With an input section
(how many units and what not are placed into the respective cells) and 3. The

On the first page, 5 different types of models are listed. Under each model
are pricing levels for each additional component added on to the base model
price. Each base model(the 5 different ones) have different pricing levels,
rendering there formulas to be similar and not similar at times.

I have created a drop down menu with each of the five models listed. Under
the menu is a database setup to calculate the price*the quanity of the
various components (i.e. base model, additional seats, service worker

I am trying to have it so that each time I choose one of the models, the
pricing formulas below coordinate with the second page to create each total
price respectively, in each cell..therefore showing the choosen model (with
all the pricing information alone on the third page.


Base model 1.

base fee= 1500 (because 1 model is requested, and they are 1500 per 1)
challenege price: 200...

and so forth.

I can get the formulas to work properly if I list each model at the same
time (in other words, all five models are listed in five separate columns)

I am trying to get it so that if someone choose one of the models on the
first or second page, it will be displayed by itself on the third.

Any help?




Whenever the first or second page changes the moel, I would put the model
name on the third page. What is displayed on the 3rd page would be the model
name listed in the 3rd page.

Now you have to put the model name into the 3rd page whenever the 1st or 2nd
page is changed. The was to do this is whenever the drop down box is changed
on the 1st or 2nd page to insert the model name on the 3rd pagge. This can
be done with a worksheet change macro. You will need two worksheet change
macros (one for each sheet).

Sub worksheet_Change(byval Target as Range)

if (Target.Row = 3) and Target.Column = 4) then

Sheets("Sheet3").Cells(1,"A") = Target

end if

end sub

Target.row and Target.column is the cell where the drop down box is located.


I can get the model name to change just fine (sorry, but you did give me a
lot of help with the macro), but my problem is getting the correct formulas
to work with in the the 3rd page for each respective model showing.

For example:

Model 1's pricing information is listed in column A one the first page,
Model 2's pricing information is located in column B on the first page... and
so on and so forth. The reason I am having a problem is because the formulas
are too long to repeat for page three. It is hard to display the formulas
(answers) because the formulas for some of the pricing components on the
models are really detailed for a single cell.

does this make sense?

I am trying to get the pricing information from each models respective
column in page 1 to correspond to the input page rendering an output on page
3. When you select the model on page 1 or 2, on page 3 three you see the
selected model and below it you see the answers to (pricing column for that
specific model on page 1*input values on page 2)


model 1=column A prices*input values

there are prices for different topics under each model. Each price topic
has a long formula because there are different levels of pricing depending on
what numbers are input in page 2.

I can get the names to show up fine, but I can't get all the formulas to
correspond because they are soo long.




I have to see the complex formulas in sheet 2 to help get a solution to your
Dilemma. A custom function may be required, some simple vlookup may work,
or just reorganizing the data in workshhet 2 may help.

You ca e-mail me the worksheet I will take a look. (e-mail address removed)

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