Excel Problem



My problem is that i have a code no in 001 , 002 003 continue to 016
now i want to change the 001 to "Monti", 002 to "Nur" and 003 to "KG1"
and so on.

i want to type the number and the result shown me in text like Monti ,
Nursary and so on.
ClasCode Change into
000 Mont
001 Nur
002 KG 1
003 KG 2
004 I
005 II
006 III
007 IV
008 V
009 VI
010 VII
011 VIII
012 IX SCI
013 IX GN
014 X SCI
015 X GN
016 X COMP

Mike H



Wher C1 is the Code No and your table is in A1 - B17


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