Data Combination



I got 2 sheet data, and need to combine on the basic of those numbers
example: from data-2 "002 TA" match with data-1 "002" and will auto insert
"TA"to next column(**) of data-1 "002"

002 [**] 001 FA
003 [**] 002 TA
006 [**] 003 RT
008 [**] 004 FW
009 [**] 005 DV
006 AG
007 HE
008 PO
009 HW

too large amount, any macro auto for this?


In DATA-1,

Assuming* source data in DATA-2 is in cols A and B
eg: "002" in col A, "TA" in col B
In say C1, copied down: =INDEX('DATA-2'!B:B,MATCH(A1,'DATA-2'!A:A,0))
Believe this is an easy n pretty fast option despite the large amount of data

*If source data: "002 TA" is all in col A in DATA-2, just split it into 2
cols using Data>Text to Columns, delimited (space), with the numeric part
"001" preserved as TEXT (click "Text" under Column data format in step 3 of
the wizard). This split takes only 10 secs to effect.

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