Excel not responding after right mouse click



I have Windows Vista x64 bit operating system. I installed Office 2007 pro.
Just in the last week Excel is hanging up whenever I bring up the menu via
right mouse click. It goes into "not responding" mode and I have to end
process through the task manager. The functions work if I go the long way
through the menus.

Any thoughts on what might have happened or how to fix?


I have a similar problem: Excel locks up after any input or mouse click,
saying 'Not Responding' and reuiring Task Manager to close the program. I
can't find much on this, and appreciate ANY help. I need to get Excel
working on this computer or buy the 32 bit operating system.BD


I just started having this same problem... right click in cell, format cell,
format menu doesn't appear and program freezes "not responding". Also, click
on cell, click "Bold" from toolbar, same "not responding"

Any help out there?

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