"Excel found unreadable content..." "cannot be opened... because itis corrupt"



This has happens from time to time, and i have no idea why, And it
happens on different machines. Running Windows Xp with Office Pro
2007. Try to open a new document based on a Excel 2007 template, and
i get the "Excel found unreadable content... Do you want to
recover..." message. I select Yes, it churns through, and comes up
with "The workbook cannot be opened or repaird by Microsoft Excel
because it is corrupt." funny, it worked a month ago. It actually
had this problem about a year ago, then it went away, and worked just
fine. now its back again.

Also, other machines seem to have the same messages when trying to
open an excel document from within Outlook, but if you "open" the
email with the attachment (in its own window instead of directly from
withini outlook), and double click the attachment then, it works just
fine. not sure if its the sender computer problem or the recieving

but the template problem is kind of strange. nothing changed in the
templates, just none of the xltm or xltx files will open using them as
a template, (New Document method) but will open if you "open" them
directly. I have opened them and saved them as templates with
different names, and still to no avail...

any ideas? is it something in the user profile maybe? seems like
that can corrupt sometimes and cause problems...


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