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Hello, need help with excel formula, basically I have two worksheets, 1
woorksheet will have events with a specfic date and another worksheet which
summerises the events by a date range e.g
worksheet 1 worksheet 2
column A Column B column A column B
Wet 04/01/2010 w/c 04/01/2010 2
Cold 06/01/2010 w/c 11/01/2010 1
Hot 12/01/2010

At present the results would show in worksheet 2 as above, which I can input
manually but would like a formula to link the worksheets, by a formula which
counts up the events in worksheet 1 by specific dates e.g 04/01/2010
-10/01/2010 e.g weekly? Hope you can help




Hey Elvis. . . What version of Excel are you using?
Take a look at 2007's new formula CountIFS. . . From what you have described
below, it sounds like this may be what you are looking for?

CountIFS will count the number of values in a table and return results in a
separate worksheet.


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