multiple criteria from single worksheet



Worksheet 1 - I have dates in column A, customer name in column B, product
type in column C & qty in column D

Date Supplier Grade Litres
17-Feb-10 ABC ULSGO 55,988
01-Feb-10 DEF Gas Oil 58,997
26-Feb-10 ABC Derv 3,000

In another workbook (workbook 2) I am trying to list by customer by product
the qty of litres supplied in date order. i.e. 1-1-2010 thru to 31-12-2010
and therefore under 01-Feb-10 DEF will show:-

Column A Column B Column C Column D
Date Derv Gas Oil Kero
01-Feb-10 0 58997 0
02-Feb-10 0 0 0 etc

What formula do i use along the lines of... if worksheet 1 column a =
01-Feb-10 in worksheet 2 & if worksheet 1 column B = DEF & if worksheet 1
column C = ColumnC row 2 in worksheet 2 return 58997 otherwise 0


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