Excel Excel.exe (2000) hang and fault errors

May 27, 2008
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I have this user who has been given 3 machines in the last 5 months. He was using a Dell Precision 340 with Win2K and 256MB of RAM. It was really slow with the type of work he was doing, so we gave him another machine. This one was an HP dc7700 with XP Professional and 1GB of RAM installed. I work for an engineering firm, which mostly means we use a lot of drawing packages and of coarse Office. After he got the HP, he started having major excel problems. He told me that when he tried to cut and paste or copy and paste that excel would lock up and then close with a “send error” window coming back. I looked in the event log and there were stop errors and hang errors for excel.exe. Sometimes, the faulting module was mso9.dll and sometimes it was a different file. So, we gave him a completely different machine, but it too was an HP dc7700. Other users had used both of these machines, but I rebuilt both of them from scratch before I gave them to him. I also didn’t save any of his profile stuff from the previous machines, just had him start new. Almost as soon as I gave him the next HP, he said he was still having the problem. Today he tells me that this is one specific file and that it was created by a different user. That user’s machine was a Dell Precision 370 machine. He said he copied the file to his thumb drive and went to a totally different machine….a Dell 380… and worked on it all day and didn’t have one problem with the file. He then went back to his machine, the HP and the problem came back. He said he even created a new file, but I think he copied from the old file to a completely new file and that didn’t work either. He thinks it’s an anomaly down in the machine, but how can it be in two machines, which happen to be the same kind? I have looked and looked and cannot seem to find anything that might help this problem and I am beginning to wonder if it has something to do with the kind of machine that he is using. You know, Dell vs HP. I am at my wits end with this one and have run out of things to try. He is not willing to think it could be the differences in the machines, or possibly the file, but I was wondering if you guys had heard of this before or if this is even a valid thing to think. He says when he does the functions manually; he doesn’t have the problem on the HP.

I would appreciate any information that anyone could provide for me.

Thank you,


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