Excel date columns as text in Merges



Hi, I'm trying to do a mail merge between a Word Document and an Excel
spreadsheet. I'm using the latest ('07) versions of both programs.

I have several columns of dates in my data (such as original; billing date,
due date, etc.) I have them formatted as dates in Excel. My problem is
that when I do the merge, Word reads them as numbers such as 38982 or the

At first I thought I had an Excel problem, but now I'm thinking that I
should be able to format the merge field in Word to read the serial date as a
traditional date. Could you please show me how to keep Word from displaying
the dates as their serial numbers?

Graham Mayor

From Word Options and then go to the Advanced tab and check the box against
the "Confirm conversions at open" item. Then when you attach the data
source to the mail merge main document, you will be given the option of
using the DDE method of connection which should read the data as you have it
formatted in the table.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site www.gmayor.com

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