excel crashing not finding error with self repair



running vista home pro. & office enterprise 2007.
was using office 97 but just upgraded.
opening docs from old excel (97) is fine. but when using change font color
button, click dropdown and then hover over any color the whole progran
crashes. then restores data (x2) then finily gives up!

my wife now wants me to uninstall back to the old version :(

my system is auto update for vista (just installed sp1) and also update for

any suggestion or help


Well, you have to listen to your wife :)

1. Can you send a sample file to me so that I can test on my Excel 2007?

2. Have you tried opeining the old file and saving it to a new name before
making any changes?

3. Are you able to do other things?

4. What is the FONT you are using? Is it still available?

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