EXCEL Crashes when passing the mouse over a formated TEXT box.


mark ivanowski

Excel 2003 (11.8211.8202) SP3
lenovo T61
Windows XP Professional 5.1 - SP2
File size 7MB
Pivot Tables
Text Box
Conditional Formating
Comples Functions

About a month ago my Excel estarted crashing without reason. This week I
could figure out that everytime a pass the mouse over a Text Box it crashes.
I have been sending the error report to Microsoft but in three weeks there is
no feedback. I try ot recovery the file but Excel is not able to do. It might
the size of the file. It happens just in Text Box and those text boxes that
are formated (color, lines, font, etc). Our IT department is not able to find
a solution. I have been trying Excel's discussion groups but no one has

Mark Ivanowski
(e-mail address removed)

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