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We received an excel attachment that we could not open(we have excel 2003-
the attachment was some special excel 2007 attachment)..some setting must
have gotten changed because we cannot open any new excel attachment
-- We tried resending the attachment in 2003--when i try to open any excel
attachment and I click on "OPEN" I get a box > Windows cannot find
C:\Documents & settings|local settings\temporary internet files. I can only
open the attachments by "Save to Disk". We have always been able to just
click on "OPEN" and then read the file. I wonder if there is a setting to
get back to where we can just "OPEN" the attachment?

Thnaks again for any help or suggestions to resolve this issue!



Dave Peterson

It sounds like you have a couple of problems to address...

#1. If the sender saved the file in the native xl2007 file format, you'll need
something extra so xl2003 can open it.

MS has a conversion/compatibility program for reading the native xl2007 file
formats in xl2003.


Personally, I'd ask the sender to save a copy in xl97-xl2003 fileformat and
resend that.

Then I'd save the attachment onto my harddrive, open excel and use File|open to
open that file.

#2. Sometimes one of these works when you're having trouble with double
clicking on the file in windows explorer:

Tools|Options|General|Uncheck "Ignore other applications"
(xl2003 menus)

Office Button|Excel Options|Advanced|General|Uncheck "Ignore other applications"

--- or ---

Close Excel and
Windows Start Button|Run
excel /unregserver
Windows Start Button|Run
excel /regserver

The /unregserver & /regserver stuff resets some of the windows registry to
excel's factory defaults.

Maybe it'll help you when you open the attachment through your email. (If not,
save the attachment on the harddrive and use File|open inside excel.)

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