attachments won't open



we have excel 2003 - we received an attachment in excel 2007-after opening it
we can no longer just "open " any excel attachments-we have to "save" it to a
disk. some setting must have changed..does anyone have any ideas on how to
resolve this issue. It was great to be able to just click on "open" and have
it work.

We tried resending the attachment in 2003--when i try to open any excel
attachment and I click on "OPEN" I get a box > Windows cannot find
C:\Documents & settings|local settings\temporary internet files. I can only
open the attachments by "Save to Disk". We have always been able to just
click on "OPEN" and then read the file. I wonder if there is a setting to
get back to where we can just "OPEN" the attachment?


The only other thing that I can think of / suggest is that you upgrade to
EXCEL 2007.

It is not an expensive upgrade (I did it myself a few months ago) and, once
installed, I hope that you will find it a better product than the earlier
version (that has been my experience).

The upgrade is relatively straightforward as well.

This should get you round your current problem on an ongoing basis.

If my comments have helped please hit Yes.


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