CSV File Will Not Open Directly in Excel 2003



We have a CSV file that we receive as an email attachment. I am using
Excel 2003 with SP3 and the unblock file types registry changes
applied. When I double-click on the CSV file attachment to open it in
Excel 2003, I receive an error message of, "This file is not in a
recognizable format...." . I have checked the regional options and the
list separator is selected as a comma. I have checked Windows Explorer
and the CSV file format is set to open in Excel. I am using a Low
Macro security setting in Excel 2003. If I open Excel 2003 and then
open this file and run through the import file wizard, I am able to
view the file. Users are complaining that that is too many steps to
have to follow to view the file contents.

The strange thing is that I am able to directly open this file
attachment using Excel 2007.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



Gord Dibben

Close Excel first and On the Windows Taskbar

1) Start>Run "excel.exe /unregserver"(no quotes)>OK.
2) Start>Run "excel.exe /regserver"(no quotes)>OK.

See the space between exe and /regserver

You might have to designate a full path to 2003 excel.exe.

In that case Start>Run "C:\yourpath\excel.exe" /regserver(quotes

If no joy with that, post back and we can propose another fix.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


Select the file in Windows Explore, SHIFT-Right-click on the File and choose
Open With and select Excel...

Are you able to open the file?

The only reason I can think of is that while saving another extension is
getting tagged on to the file name like filename.csv.txt though if it is in
text format it should open in the text editor...


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