Excel 2k Pivot Table refresh scenario



I have a pivot table consisting of 1 page field, 1 column field, and 9 data
fields. I can generate a pivot chart with all 9 data fields from this pivot
table well, however, I need to only display 1 of the 9 data fields. When I
make the 1 data field visible, I cannot get the pivot table or the pivot
chart to refresh using the solutions offered on this site and in the Excel
VBA help.

My two main questions are why can I refresh the pivot table and pivot chart
manually and why does my pivot table and pivot chart refresh when I create
two macros (one to create them and the other to refresh them). Any
assistance/guidance would be much appreciated.



Debra Dalgleish

What code are you using to refresh the pivot table, and what happens
when you run the code?

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