Pivot Table Refresh?



Excel2003 ... I have a File with a Pivot Chart ... Each time I attempt to
Open the File & use the Chart ... I get the following message:

"The Pivot Table Report was saved without the underlying data. Use the
Refresh Data Command to update the Report."

Is this an oversight on my part ... or ... is this the way Pivot Tables are
always Saved???

Thanks ... Kha



Shane Devenshire


No oversight. This is an option which you or someone set for that
particular pivot table. You might do this if the data source is very large,
for example, because it makes the saved file size smaller, because it doesn't
retain a copy of the data in the cache.

You can change this option (2003) by choosing PivotTable, Table Options, and
checking Save data with table layout. (2007) choose PivotTable Tools,
Options, Options, Options, Data, Save source data with file.

Alternatively you can turn on the option Refresh data when opening the file
(same location). This will automatically reload the data into the pivot


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