Excel 2010 Table not showing in Access 2010 Import List



Hi Everyone,
I'm currently having an issue with the import excel spreadsheet command in Access 2010.
When I go to import my excel table into Access, it does not appear in the list of named ranges to choose from.
So I go back into my excel workbook and check name manager. Sure enough, the table name appears - albeit with a different icon (table icon) to the rest of the named range icons.
So I create a named range with a similar (but different) name that refers to the table, save and close the workbook.
Try the same import in Access and the same issue occurs.

Is this intended functionality or am I missing something? It seems microsoft office designers want you to prepare your data for linking to Access in a nice tabular format but not use their table object they've made for us in Excel.

I hope someone can confirm this or shed some light on where I've gone wrong.

I know i can put my table on a separate sheet but my workbook is getting large and I was hoping to avoid creating a new sheet.

Thanks everyone.

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