Excel 2010 not using Options:Open Registry key to installAddins/Add-Ins??


Anthony Berglas

Hello All,

The way add-ins are installed seems to have changed radically from the
Beta to the final release of Excel 2010.

I have an ordinary VBA Add In, and have for many version of Excel used
a simple installer that sets
to the .xlam file that is the add in. (If more than one add-in is
installed then the keys are listed as OPEN1, OPEN2...) The .xlam file
itslef is stored by default in an arbitrary folder, not an addins

This worked in the beta.

But in the production version, setting this key makes no difference.
I can install the add-in perfectly via the UI, but then a full search
of the registry fails to find any key that points to the add-in.
Moving the add-in files causes Excel to complain, so something is
definitely pointing to them.

(I have tried to use Sysinternals Procmon, but Excel does so much that
it will take time to filter the results. 100s of events per second
when Excel is just sitting there! During an add in install it opens
the add in file dozens of times.)

Any ideas as to what happened would be greatly appreciated. Many
people will have this problem. I really do not want to have to resort
to forcing the user to copy the files into the addins folder.


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