Excel 2010 fails to save or open from network drive



In Excel 2010 I receive the following error message whenever I try to open or
save a file to a network drive:

Microsoft Excel cannot access the file "C:\Temp\Content.MSO\8A68000
*The file name or path does not exist
*The file is being used by another program
*The Workbook you are trying to save has the same name as a currently open

I have full permissions to read/write/delete to the network drive as well as

This happens both on a windows XP sp3 and Windows 7 system.

I do not have the save/open problem in Microsoft Word 2010, just in Excel
2010, nor do I have the problem in Excel 2007.

I can save and open files from the local drive of the system without any
problems, and for now I'm having to move files between the two to get work

I'm using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.

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