Excel Excel 2010 - Chart Axis Text Wrapping Issue

Dec 27, 2012
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I have an issue very similar to the one described here: https://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/internal-margin-and-axis-offsets-excel-2007-a-t3414845.html

The difference being that I want to wrap the text on the X axis because the graphs are small and will be linked to a PowerPoint document. The text below each bar contains several words and Excel just wants to have them displayed on one line, therefore overlapping the adjacent text.

When I go into Axis Options, the options to edit the internal margins and wrap text are greyed out. Are these options not available in 2010? Will I need to have access to 2003 in order to accomplish this?

Another note: within the same Excel document (which was created in Excel 2003) some charts' X axes text wraps and others do not.

It is not an option to have the text at a 45 degree angle, because it will cause the chart to become larger and it will overlap other items in the PowerPoint.

Please help!


Mar 20, 2012
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As far as the charts created in earlier versions, you should notice a difference on what you can do depending on how they were created. The easiest way to tell is what Ribbons appear when you select the chart. If the chart is a newer style, you will see Chart Options with 3 tabs appear at the top of Excel. If it's an older type of chart, I believe you will see Picture Options, or something else, and will not have all the same options available. As far as the wrapping on the X axis, My first assumption would be that the X axis is your category axis and not your value axis. With the options being grayed out, I can't really say if that's default or not, but it does happen to me in a new chart in, and created in, Excel 2010. I can also see that the axis labels will not actually wrap unless the chart is made skinny enough for it to be necessary. Let me know if that clears anything up. If you have further issues, I could do a bit of research to see if I can be of any more assistance.

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