Excel 2007 - Nothing shows up in the cell while I'm typing!



I'm running into an issue with a range of cells in a spreadsheet where
nothing shows up in the cell as I type. I can see the cursor moving
to the right to show that I'm typing something, but the value that I'm
typing doesn't actually appear in the cell until I hit <Enter>.

I'm maintaining a large workbook with lots of formulas and named
ranges. It was built by someone who no longer works here, so I'd
rather not blow it away and start over. It appears it was built using
Excel 2003. I'm now managing the file in Excel 2007. I've been
adding records to this spreadsheet for several days now and didn't
have this issue. But now all of a sudden, I get to a certain row (in
this case, Row 1776) and nothing I type shows up until I hit enter.
If I clear the contents of any row above row 1776, I can clearly see
everything as I type it. But with Row 1776 and beyone, I can't see
what I type.

I am able to see what I'm typing in the formula bar at the top of the
page, but not in the cell itself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I should add that I DO have the formatting on this cell set so that the text
is black on a white background. And when I actually hit <ENTER>, the value
that I typed does show up in the cell in the color that I specified. But I
still cannot see what I'm typing in the cell until I hit enter.

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