Excel 2007 formula recalculation



Hi there,

I have a web app in which users are able to add/view attached document of
various types, including Excel docs. We are upgrading to Office 2007, and so
users will soon have Excel 2007 on their machines. The problem we're facing
is that, when you open an Excel attachment in the app, where the Excel file
contains formulas, and then suqsequently try to close it, a message pops up
"Do you want to save changes to 'get_document.asp'? MS Office Excel
recalculates formulas when opening files last saved by an earlier version of

You are then given the option to click Yes/No/Cancel.

How can I avoid this prompt popping up? I have tried clicking Yes, which
causes the file to be saved to the server, and have tried saving it as both
..xls and .xlsx format, but the message still appears whenever you open and
then close the attached file.

Any suggestions?



Jim Rech

The only way to avoid the prompt that I know of is to block the recalc of
old files. This you can do with this new Dword registry entry:


leaving its value at 0. This would go on the machine running Excel so it
may have to be added it each user's machine if your web app is instantiating
Excel locally.

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