Excel 2007 doesn't detect OneCare as an antivirus program


David Walker

My postings keep disappearing...

Excel 2007 is giving me the message that "this file contains macros that
have been disabled because there is no antivirus software installed that
can scan them".

According to OneCare support, Office 2007 is not detecting that OneCare
2.0 is installed.

I know that I can disable the scanning of macros in encrypted documents
with a Registry key, but that's not what I want to do.

I want Office 2007 to realize that I *have* an antivirus program
installed that is capable of scanning the macros; according to OneCare
support, OneCare *does* support the Microsoft Antivirus API, as mentioned
in KB article 927150.

Any suggestions?

I have just spent 1.75 hours on the phone with OneCare support, Excel
support, Office installation support, and one person who had such a thick
accent that I couldn't understand him.

I can open a support case with Professional support for $249 if I want to
tell Microsoft about this bug. There ought to be a better way. I'm an
I.T. professional, dagnabbit!

David Walker


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