Macro trust center problems in Excel 2007


David Walker

Once again, now that I had to reinstall everything due to a hard drive
crash (Yay for automatic daily backups!), I am having trouble with an Excel
workbook that has "code behind" one worksheet.

Excel 2007, using OneNote 2.0 for security.

1) When I open the file, I am *not* told that macros are disabled. (There
are no macros other than the code behind one of the worksheets, but I want
it to be enabled. Shouldn't I get a warning?)

2) I am NOT getting prompted to allow macros to run in this workbook. It
is an xlsm file that was created fresh in Excel 2007.

3) Once I load the file, there's apparently no way to turn on macros!?!
For example, I apparently couldn't create a macro in this file if I wanted

4) "Turn on trust center logging". Where do I view the log?

5) Info: The file is being loaded from a trusted location (from a
subfolder of the My Documents folder, and the My Documents folder resides
on my D drive, not on my C drive.) I have the Trust Center set to Disable
All Macros WITH notification. I understand that this setting is supposed
to TELL ME if Excel is disabling macro functionality in a workbook. Using
Windows XP SP2.

I also have the radio button checked to "Show the Message Bar in all
applications when content is blocked", but I don't get anything shown.


Is this situation eligible for the support center? My Excel 2007 is

Any answers to the 4 things above would be great.


David Walker





I am having a similar problem. I am using Excel 2007 and a file that I had
in Excel 2003 with macros WILL run them if I do NOT convert the file to the
xlsm (macro version). However if I convert the file to the 2007 macro version
(xlsm) I DO NOT get any warnings that a macro is not allowed to run.
I went to the trust center, enabled all macros, enabled all warnings but I
get NO messages and I cannot run the macro!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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