Excel 2007 display problem with Windows 7


Willem Peper

I had a running system with Vista x64 and Office 2007 on a HP Probook
Now I installed Windows 7 and Office 2007 from the scratch and ended up
with a puzzling problem:

All software including OUTLOOK, WORD and POWERPOINT is running well again,
but when I start EXCEL the notebook display changes the resolution.
This is also true for other open software but some some pictures in IE8
look okay while other are distorted.

In Excel SAVE and SAVE AS do not work but the Excel files are saved as xlsx
or pdf if I use SEND TO.

When Excel is open WORD looks also strange but SAVE and SAVE AS work for

I deleted the last Excel update because I read that there are problems, but
it did not change anything.

If I change the resolution to normal while Excel is running, gut can not
save and the resolution is bad when I restart Excel.

I hope I can get here a hint what the reason for my problem is.





Hi Willem I am running EXCEL 2007 on Windows 7 and am not seeing the problems
that you are.

Please hit Yes if my comments have helped.


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