Excel 2007: disappearing chart sheets!


Dallman Ross

Hi, all,

I recently bought a new system and installed Office 2007 Ultimate.
I am running it under Windows 7 with a 64-bit install and AM2
processor. I had Excel 2002 before.

I have some complex workbooks with some sheets that are charts.
They are still in Excel 2002 compatibility mode. I had to touch
up some things on the charts to make them display right in Excel 2007,
but they look OK.

But I have a serious problem. When I save the sheets and exit,
then re-open them, the left-most sheet (chart only) is missing.
If I save that and exit, then re-open, the *next* chart/sheet
to the left goes MIA. I am at my wit's end.

I opened the workbook in Excel 2002 again and the missing
sheets/charts were there.

Please advise me on how I can resolve this!

Much obliged...



Dallman Ross

Is anyone able to help or give me a lead on this? I really would
appreciate it.

R Data Dude 7!


I think I just figured it out by mistake.

I was working on a .PDF and .XLSX at the same time.

Comment in Adobe is CTRL + 6
Must have pressed it in Excel

Try pressing CTRL + 6 and see if your graph comes back.


Jan 29, 2010
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Disappearing charts in Excel 2007

You da bomb! Using <ctrl> 6 did the trick and saved me millions of hours and heart attacks. Thanks are not enough!

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