Excel 2007 Crashes



I am testing Office 2007 Beta 2. Every time I close Excel, it crashes and
gives the box to restart and send error report. Every Time
It runs fine only happens when you close it down...

Nick Hodge

This was an issue in the original releases, but it may still help

1) Remove your personal.xls workbook in your old installation
2) Delete any *.xlb files
3) Remove any Book.xlt or sheet.xlt you may have as start-up templates

Any/all of these files may not exist or may be hidden, so you will need to
search for hidden files too

Nick Hodge
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Southampton, England
(e-mail address removed)


I tried those steps too... And it continus crashing. Here's the Error
Signiture I get:

Appname: excel.exe AppVer: 12.0.4017.1004 AppStamp: 4455214f
Modname: excel.exe ModVer: 12.0.4017.1004 ModStamp: 4455214f
fDebug: 0 Offset: 000214c8

Hope this helps anyone out there!

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