Unstable / unrunable Office 2007



I have been running Windows Vista RC1 (Ultimate) and Office 2007 beta. This
has worked quite allright.
I have now installed the final version of Windows Vista Business, and Office
2007 Enterprise.
This has resulted in a nasty unstable system. I am now able to start Excel,
but the program crashes if I try to change a file, and every time i closes a
file. It also crashes when opening files, but this is not every time.
I have tried to run the repair function on the installation DVD, but then
this program crashes.
I have installed Vista both as an upgrade and as a clean install. I have
also made several atempts of installing the Office suite of programs.
Do anybody have a remedy for this?



Probably not one you'll be happy with, especially since it sounds like you've
already been down this road:
Start by reinstalling Vista as a clean install, making sure to format the
HDD during the process, full format, not quick. Then install Office 2007 -
go get all updates to both, and call me next week when it's all done <g>

But before you do all of that, you might want to look and see if there is
another underlying cause to the instability. There are 3 pieces of hardware
that could be causing it:
Hard Drive

You can get a good memory test tool (MemTest86+) from
http://www.memtest.org/ create yourself a disk (or CD and there's an option
to get a .exe to run off of a thumb/flash drive, but I've not used that
version). Let it run overnight and look for any reported errors. Any at all
will point to a probable memory chip problem.

Most hard drive manufacturers have diagnostic tools available from their
site that you can run against a drive to see how it's doing. Even if you
cannot locate diagnostic tools specifically for your drive, you can still use
the Windows chkdsk.exe file (located in \Windows\System32 - runs in a
command window) to check the general condition of the drive and file

The CPU is a tougher nut to crack or test. This page has several potential
candidates to choose from
http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Best/cpu-test_free.html but I cannot
specifically recommend any particular one to use, especially since operation
under Vista is an unknown for them. Look for ones like the Hot CPU Tester
Pro 3.4 that specifically mention testing as opposed to just reporting
statistics. I use that one as an example only because of the wordingin the
description - again, not because I've actually used it, which I haven't.

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