Excel 2003 Application cannot see cell data in Excel 97 Worksheet


Wayne Nelson

On our network we have a Excel 97 worksheet (containing a clever macro to add
new rows and some column filters), previously I could open this with Excel
2003 and everything eas fine.

Recently when I open the worksheet 99% of the cells appear blank but when I
select a cell you can see the data in the formula bar.

This problem only occurs on one of my machines all other machines seem to
open and view the data correctly.

My IT department has uninstalled and re-installed excel and done a a repair
on the app also with no avail.

I have also tried saving the document using the working Excel 2003 PC and
opening with with the non working Excel 2003 pc. This still shows empty cell

Each time I try and save the the workbook excel crashes and an error report
is sent to microsoft.

Workbooks created in the 2003 version seem to open and save correctly it's
just the Excel 97 ones.

It seems to be an issue with my machine not the workbook but I cannot seem
to find a way to fix it!

Other people seem to be experiencing the same issue:

Gary''s Student

1. open a new, clean, workbook with Excel 2003
2. open your problem workbook
3. copy each of the sheets from the problem workbook to the new workbook
4. copy the VBA from the problem workbook to the new workbook
5. save the new workbook and try to re-open it
6. if the new workbook appears to be a working replacement for the problem
one, start using it.

Wayne Nelson

The workbook was shared, so I created a local copy and removed the share.

Then I copied the worksheets to a new document (using the working Excel 2003
PC) and then closed it and reopened it and it seemed fine.

However the failed one still fails in the same way. Obviously opening the
new 2003 workbook.

I also tried doing the same using the non working PC but that also failed.

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