Event ID 11708 MsiInstaller




I'm having a hard time installing MS Office 2003 Proofing tools and have
googled for an answer a couple of days without any luck. Every time I try
and install the proofing tools it stops midway with a error message that
says that the 'installation stopped premature because of an error.' I have
installed Office 2003 with all updates.

In the event veiwer I get this event:

Event Type: Information
Event Source: MsiInstaller
Event Category: None
Event ID: 11708
Date: 01.03.2007
Time: 20:49:52
User: adminstrator
Computer: ***
Product: Microsoft Office 2003 Proofing Tools -- Installation operation

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: 7b 39 30 31 46 30 34 30 {901F040
0008: 39 2d 36 30 30 30 2d 31 9-6000-1
0010: 31 44 33 2d 38 43 46 45 1D3-8CFE
0018: 2d 30 31 35 30 30 34 38 -0150048
0020: 33 38 33 43 39 7d 383C9}

What I've done so far is used "Windows installer clean up" on MS Office 2003
and installed it again. Then I have run a couple of registry cleanup tools
and a antivirus test. I've even deleted and regenerated a new profile. I've
also gone through the registry, Component Services, and files to see if
there could be a permission problem, but nope.

Please I would very much appreciate anything that can help.




Hi MacLeod

Thank you for responding!

Yes, I have asked for assistance on the Office misc and setup groups, but I
have not received any answer. After googling have found that there are a few
that have experienced the same problem, but with other programs. It looks
like it is connected with Windows Installer and/ or COM+ and not necessarily
the program.



I see that I haven't metioned that I have Windows XP SP2 with all all
updates, including windows installer 3.1 v2. Strangely enough it isn't in
the add/ remove programs list, but it has said that it installed


Try creating a log file during installation. To do so, you'll need to know
the path to filename ptk.msi on the install CD in order to key in the
appropriate information within this command in a command window:

msiexec.exe /i <path to product.msi> /l* c:\<logfilename>.txt

I don't know the path to ptk.msi on the install CD, so let's say that your
CDROM drive is drive D, that the path on the install CD is:
Office 2003 Proofing Tools\Install
and that the logfile that you want to create is named ptkmsi.txt
With the install CD in the drive, open a command window and key in:

msiexec.exe /i D:\Office 2003 Proofing Tools\Install\ptk.msi /l* c:\ptkmsi.txt

After keying in the above command, hit ENTER (I think you probably know that
already, but I have made erroneous assumptions in the past <g>)

The installer should then run as before, except this time it will create a
log file (ptkmsi.txt) that you can open and view for (hopefully) further
information and/or error messages pertaining to the failure to install.



After going through the log file with a magnifying glass I found the error:
StartCache: Error 0x80070002. So it was a registry error! I had the feeling
that it was a registry problem, but would have never found it without
consulting the log file.

I am now a happy man as this has taken me several frustrating days to find.
For some unexplainable reason I had not thought of generating a log file of
the installation.

Thank you!



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