Event ID 1004 - When XP Pro client tries to connect using RDP


Graham Cullen

Event ID 1004 - The Terminal Server cannot issue a client

Windows XP Pro Remote Client dials into the Central office.
Server is Win2K Server SP4 with TS / Licensing installed.

Win2000 clients can connect using Terminal Services with
the same user account - Admin / User accounts work.

All Remote clients can Telnet Port 3389.

Have removed the X509 Registry keys and reactivated the

Same problem.

Any other ideas?

Best Regards,

Graham Cullen.


I know that this is obvious, but make sure that the
client is XP Pro, and not XP Home. I have seen that
message before with the Home Edition. My user said that
he had purchased Pro, but he really had Home and did not
know the difference.


eric wright

I am having this same problem. Only XP pro remote clients
cannot connect. 2000, win98, Mac and Pocket PC clients can
connect. Any help?

Eric Wright

Graham Cullen

I posted this on the 15th December and have received no
reply. Can somebody come back to me on this.


Graham Cullen

Vera Noest [MVP]


replies in these newsgroups are given by peers on a voluntairy basis.
It's not as if you can demand a reply.
If you don't get any reply at all, it usually means that your
question contained too little detail, was unclear, or simply that
nobody knew the answer.

I would advice you to repost your question again, it's not very
likely that somenone here will go to the trouble of looking for an
old message.

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