evaluation to full licesance



HI group
I am having one evaluation windows 2003 R2

I want to convert it into full licensce without reloading it

How it is possible

I am having paper license


Meinolf Weber

Hello Sam,

Have a look at this one from anpther posting:

This is one way that works for mostly all type of upgrade you want to do.
It worked for me to update my VLK 2003 Server with SP1 to a Activate to use
Server 2003 R2 SP2... and here's how i did it... all legit:

-Use your technet to download the Windows 2003 R2 SP2 CD (there are 2 CD for
- Insert the CD in your server, and reboot the server
- Once you get te "press any key to boot from CD... " do so
- When you are prompted to press F6 to add drivers, do so if you need to...
and proceed to the next step
- Once you are up to the install/repair (with recovery console) chose to
install then proceed to the next step
- Press F8 to acknowledge the license, then the installer will search for an
already installed version of Windows and should discover your current 2K3
- Choose to repair this installation and the upgrade will proceed.
- Once it pops you the screen to select the keyboard, language and regional
settings, ajust it to you needs...
- It should then ask for your License number, which you can enter here (make
sure it's your new valid license) and continue installation.
- Installation will complete and reboot your server.
- Log in with your user account and voila... you should be back to where you
left it out last time except, you will have 60 days to activate your
windows, and you will need to re-apply all windows update since you have a
mostly new install of windows with all the software and configuration you

I successfuly migrated like dozens of server like that that were installed
using a VLK key and/or evaluation technet software to full production Retail

Just make sure you have the proper CD-DVD for the installation, as the product
ID and volume name are checked upon installation and it could cause you problem
if you have the wrong CD/DVD and licence number.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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