Errors while saving file & error loading dll


Tina at UIS

To begin, please note that I am a novice Excel user. I cobbled together a
template with macros with much help and advice from others. We were using
Excel 2000 and the template was working fine. Have now upgraded to 2007 and
some users of the template are getting errors when trying to update a
previously saved file. I believe I am in over my head in trying to solve
this, any help given in SIMPLE terms would be greatly appreciated. Here is
the scenario.

1. My computer, on which the template was created, has no problems
2. The template is stored on a network drive where others can access it.
3. We have set Excel 2007 to save files as XLS format. The template is XLT
4. User will open the template, create the spreadsheet they need, using
some filtering and printing macros that are built in and accessed with
buttons and then use a "save this file" button (macro) built into the
spreadsheet. Everything works just fine.
4. User will then open up the saved XLS file later on to make updates.
After making changes - which may or may not involve using any of the built in
macros - when attempting to save the changes USUALLY (but not always) the
following error pops up: "Errors were detected while saving FILENAME.xls.
Microsoft Office Excel may be able to save the file by removing or repairing
some features. To make the repairs in a new file, click Continue. To cancel
saving the file, click Cancel." If we continue, the file is saved in a
stripped down version - formulas are still there, but all of the formatting
is gone.
5. Does not matter how you try to save the file (by closing Excel, by doing
File-Save or File-Save As), error always occur.
6. I tried going to the Macros button and selecting one of the Macros and
doing Run. This prompted a "Error loading DLL" error to pop up.

Again, on my computer I can open the same file, make changes and use macros
and save file with no errors.



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