Error when using Sum command



I used the following formulas, each entry being its own cell with # being
direct insert of data representing a number
a b c d e f g
1 # # =b1/a1 # =c1*d1 # =e1-f1
2 # # =b2/a2 # =c2*d2 # =e2-f2
3 =sum =sum =sum =sum =sum
Column e is returning a number 3,338.41 higher than the same total when I
just directly inserted and added up the same numbers into column f. In
addition, when I subtract the difference between column e and column f in
column g, which is actually only 24, it too totals out to 3339.13. The sum
columns only include the cells I want (as confirmed with highlight of
function by double clicking on sum formula). The error repeated when I
copied all of the table to another part of sheet. I have tried formating the
numbers as numbers, currency, and even general still same result. I even
hand inserted the numbers in the difference column where the 3339.13 came up,
so there is no formula but the column still sums up to 3339.13, even though
the total is only 24. When I use =e1+e2...., the total does come out
correct, while the Sum cell does not.

I realize I may have done something but I didn't format anything until after
the error.

David Biddulph

Doesn't the difference between 24 and 3339.13 sound like more than a penny
off, Niek?

If the OP is getting a different answer from =E1+E2 from what he gets with
=SUM(E1:E2), it sounds as if some of the "numbers" are text. Addition will
turn text numbers into numbers, but SUM won't. Hence if one cell contains
3339.13 as a number and another contains -3315.13 as text, SUM of the two
will give 3339.13, but addition with the + sign will give 24.

Niek Otten

<Doesn't the difference between 24 and 3339.13 sound like more than a penny
off, Niek?>

Ummmmm... eh....<blush>...

I obviously didn't read the question carefully. I'm glad you did!

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