Error when attempting to remove XP pro system from domain



While attempting to remove a computer from a domain that no longer exists, I
receive the following error.

The following error occurred attempting to unjoin the domain "CDom1":
Access Denied.

I have attempted to push the system into a workgroup from the local
administrative account, a stored user account that was supposed to have
administrative privliages on the old domain, connected to the network and
disconnected from the network. I have attempted this in both safemode with
network support, and with XP started normally.

Unfortunatly due to some of the data stored on this workstation (saved
passwords, software, etc.) rebuilding this station is not an option since
noone in the office knows what these passwords are supposed to be and the
software installed cannot be transfered to another station due to some stange
copy protection that put something on the drive in some mystery location.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I'm just about at wits end with
this issue.

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