Error Saving: "a formula in a cell... could not be converted..."


De York

Just entered an array formula in a established worksheet... don't know if
that is the problem, but like Sherlock says... (The formulae are the result
of another thread on this Excel board.)

Error msg when trying to save file:

Microsoft Excel

A formula in a cell (Name:Z_EDD84A5E_0771_40B9_95D1_B50A9) could not be
converted because it contains a function that is not available in the file
format to which you are saving. If you continue the save, the formula and
result will be saved, but the function itself will be converted to an error

Do you want to see additional errors as they occur so you can fix them later?

* To see each error as it occurs, click Yes.
* To get only a count of the number of erors when Microsoft Excel is
finished saving, click No.
* To cancel the save, click Cancel.

Continue reporting each error?

| Yes | No | Cancel |


I have hit Cancel and tried again, with the same, repeatable result.

The formulae entered (generally) is as follows:
{=if(eg3=1,e3,concatenate("0",min(if($b$3:$b$400=$b3,$FQ$3:$fq$400))," -

(this is replecated down from FR3 thru FR400)

Any hints?
Where or what does the cell address referenced point to?


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Dec 30, 2008
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File Save As>

Your file is being saved as an older type. To solve the problem: File Save As > Save as Type: "Microsoft Office Excel Workbook".:)

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