Excel Need Countifs Formula Help

Apr 24, 2021
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I have a problem with countif formula.
For example I have a 1000 (A1:A1000) values (ranging from 0-100). Here I would like to count number of students got greater than or equal to 60 marks and that result should come in A1001 cell.

Criteria 1: If no data available in A1:A1000, then A1001 cell should be empty
Criteria 2: If data is available and A1:A1000>=60, then the result (number of students got greater than or equal to 60 marks) should print in A1001 cell
Criteria 3: If A1:A1000<60, then the value "0" should be printed in A1001 cell

I tried with this '=IF(COUNTIFS(A1:A1000,">="&60)=0," ",COUNTIFS(A1:A1000,">="&60),COUNTIFS(A1:A1000,">="&0))'

Please help in this. I tried so many combinations but i am getting errors

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