Error Number: 3027 -- Can't Update. Database or object is read-onl



I have an application that tries to do TransferText, putting the output of a
query to a fixed-length file. Here is the command:

DoCmd.TransferText acExportFixed, "ItemUPC Export Specification",
"qryItemUPC", txtOutputFileName, False, ""

This works OK on my PC, but fails on another users PC with:

Error Number: 3027
Source: MSAccess
Description: Can't Update. Database or object is read-only.

We are using Access97. I've checked the Access DB Windows file attributes,
and it is NOT read-only. I've tried moving the database from a "My
Documents" folder, to a New folder of its own directly under C:\ and that
doesn't help, either.

Any other suggestions?



I found my own answer.

Access would not write the file because I was not using a "known" file
extension. Evidently, MY PC will allow that, but the other user's PC would
not. I have changed to using a ".txt" file extension and all is well!

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